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Make bulk upload spreadsheet inc. multiple categories for each item

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Regarding uploading inventory: I thought the downloadable inventory data was all of the inventory data, right?

So, the upload data would have to match that, right?

So, l thought l could make a spreadsheet for inventory upload that matches the columns in the download spreadsheet. Am l doing something very wrong here?

Also, with my own product upload spreadsheet, how do l assign multiple product categories to one single item?




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In admin, Export Catalogue, the data included by the 'CubeCart' export format is from this request to the database:

Get everything from the table CubeCart_inventory, but...
skipping any product where its primary category's status is disabled
and/or where the product's status is disabled.

So, "all of the inventory" - probably, but no, not necessarily.

Fetching an Export Catalogue CSV file does show you almost everything. What I do not see (and there may be more) is a collection of all the categories a product is assigned to. Only the Primary category is included - and only its ID number..

The CSV to be imported can contain anything you want. CubeCart will then display a "map". It will list all the column header names found in the CSV and for each column, there will be a drop-down selector shown that you will choose which Inventory database table column to put that CSV column into. (The actual table column names are keyed against phrases from the language file. Thus, the database table column 'description' is shown in the drop-down selector as "Descripción" for admins running their store in Spanish.)

In the Import Catalogue feature, to assign a category, use either a known Cat_ID or use the existing category name - and CubeCart will create the categories dynamically if the name is not found. To assign a product to more than one category, separate the IDs (or names) by a comma. The first ID (or name) will be the primary.

To assign to a new category breadcrumb, separate the names by a slash. For example:
3, 5, Cat1/Cat1A/Cat1A1

The primary will be existing cat_id 3 (whatever that is), and also be assigned to existing cat_id 5, and will also be assigned to Cat1A1 (which is a child of Cat1A, which is a child of Cat1), creating these categories if needed.

This KB article is a cheatsheet:


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Quick question:

In my own template upload spreadsheet, l see a column called "Short Description" which l am going to fill with the subheading of my existing online marketplace listings on another site.


Title: SuperGadget Mk. II Limited Edition

Subheading: Tested, this is way better than Mk. II for just a small premium extra. One small issue found with the battery compartment - see pictures.


So, for "Short Description", l want to use the subheading as given above ^^^

Good idea?

Edit: i forgot to explain: I don't know how the "Short Description" column even made it into my upload spreadsheet. I had to construct the upload spreadsheet by hand so l may have been confused and added that column surreptitiously because l can't find it listed on the cheatsheet you linked to.

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Depends on the skin you plan to use. In the stock Foundation skin, the Short Description is shown only on the View Category page, and then only in the "List" mode, and then it is truncated according to a limit set in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, "Length of product precis". If there is no Short Description entered, CubeCart uses a small part of the beginning of the full Description for the Short Description.

So, I recommend you treat the Short Description as a very concise version of the regular, full Description, and not use it to add new or explanatory information.

It is available to the skin templates at most times, so keeping what was said above in mind, you can have your skin show it wherever you need it and contain whatever you want it to show.

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