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Invalid enum value in field 'availability'

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google web masters showing an error saying :

Invalid enum value in field 'availability' 

it's highlighting this section <meta itemprop="availability" href="http://schema.org/InStock" content="In stock"/>

This just started on 15th Aug and is still present now

Any advise ?


Please note: This is on a store with NO microdata plugin 


Info below taken from structured data testing tool:

In stock (The value of availability is invalid. Valid values are: [http://schema.org/Discontinued|http://schema.org/InStock|http://schema.org/InStoreOnly|http://schema.org/LimitedAvailability|http://schema.org/OnlineOnly|http://schema.org/OutOfStock|http://schema.org/PreOrder|http://schema.org/PreSale|http://schema.org/SoldOut])

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Hi Brian

Thanks for your reply, i am really lost with this one, it had been working fine until the 15th, so unless google changed something or there is a problem with the store i am at a complete loss as to what the problem can be. I am pretty sure I have not changed anything on or around the 15th when these stated showing as an error.

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