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Need "Under Construction" page

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I had created a .htm file indicating the site was under construction and put it directly under public_html.

I never noticed that after installing CC, the "under construction" .htm no longer executes! All my testing has been LIVE!

I need to know how and where to allow that .htm to have priority, and where to change the referrers in the code that go to "website.com" to go instead to "website.com/index.php"

Or is there another way to have the web site under maintenance to the visitors?

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Please rename the "under construction" .htm file to be offline.html. Then in CC's admin, Store Settings, Offline tab, set Take Store Offline to "Yes".

There is no real need to have any content in the editor as the presence of offline.html will take precedence.

This does not affect logged-in admins, but there will be a dismissable notice on the storefront informing the admin the store is set to be offline.

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When CubeCart had finished installing itself, there would have been a link next to a notice that said: Remember this link!

So, using FTP (or your hosting account's control panel File Manager), look at the files in CubeCart's main folder. Find the file that starts with admin and ends with .php.

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