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another wonky cart order

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Customer placed items in his cart a week ago, and looks to have been in and out of it a few times, although, we've no diea what changes he might have made.


It transpires that item number 3 on his list has gone out of stock, between him addidng to his cart and checking out today. (In fact, in the inventory, it's now showing as -1 in stock.)


He completed and paid for his order today, but the totals are miles out.


I can get the totals to tally, if I disregard the first 3 items on the shopping list.

It seems that the cart  hasn't calculated the costs for all items prior to and including item No3.

But has listed them on the inventory, confirmation email etc.




Any thoughts ?





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Do we know how to reproduce this? On revisit to the basket everything should get recalculated and stock removed etc.

Could the customer have left the browser on the payment page for a long time or something?

Maybe the customer can shed some light. Please also check the stores error logs to see if there is anything interesting. 

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I don't see any error logs around that time.


I just tried to recreate this and discovered something really interesting.

I added 3 items to my cart.

Went back to admin and marked item No3 out of stock.

Went back to my cart and added a fourth item.


When I tried to checkout, a message popped up telling me that item 3 was out of stock and the basket needs to be recalculated.

I pressed OK (or something).

Then another message popped up to tell me that item No4 went out of stock. (it didn't).


The cart has only calculated Items 1 and 2.

Items 3 and 4 are shown as null items.


So not quite the same results as the one I'm posting about, but very similar, and may have given a clue as to my ongoing null cart problem.


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14 minutes ago, keat said:

I'm stuck on 6.1.7.

I just sent you a PM.

Oh right well thats your problem then. 

We can upgrade respecting customisations without additional cost. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support 

"Unlimited upgrades respecting customisation"

We have some quite complex merchant stores to upgrade. If for any reason we can't do it or it fails we will restore and refund.

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