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Does anybody have any experience with CubeCart?

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I have a small website I've been making for a local clothing business. I dropped out of graphic design school (graphic design remember, not programming) and have pretty decent knowledge in Illustrator and Photoshop, and Dreamweaver via Illustrator and Photoshop (not building strictly in css). I've got a decent website going, Dreamweaver to cpanel, hosting on anhosting. Now it is time for an online store. Merchant account, shopping cart, etc.

It seems like CubeCart will be the best with my learn-as-you-go expertise.https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/

Any input? Does anybody on here use CubeCart? What should I know? What should I be afraid of? Is there a better alternative? Etc... What are your experiences?

Any input would be helpful.


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Hello, I have a very basic knowledge to see no one, but very curious and I like to know how to do it ... and I arrived with cubecart and the help of this forum to make me a pretty shop. So I think if you have some knowledge you should have done something good.


I would have to find a graphic designer who could make me a page to the taste of the day ..

my only advice is to install cubecart and after hacked.

in addition I am French and I do not speak a word of English .. google translate is my friend

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Ive been using Cubecart since 2011 when it was on V3, I'm now on V6.

Ive been using for 8 years or more.

It's simple, intuitive and does what it's supposed to.

Its well supported, not only on this forum, but also by the cubecart technical team.


I can't really say any more.

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