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Certain admin Functions are not working(bizarre problems)

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iv encountered two weird problems that started to happened after i installed the update


number 1 i cant access the digital files on the "digital" tab when i try to create a product(iv uploaded the files and they can be viewed on the downloads section but when it comes to selecting one, when creating a product, the "digital' section goes blank


2. Everytime i try to click on certain tabs on the admin panel, i automatically get redirected to this website




how can i fix these two issues cause they are really messing up the ability to edit and maintain the website


Thank you in advance

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Welcome Thando Hlomuka! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

With respect to #2, are you using the Chrome browser?

CubeCart uses one cookie to maintain session state. Without that cookie, you won't even be able to remain logged in. So, I do not think it is an actual problem with cookies. And the only browser I would think that would have the weird notion of sending you to Google for help would be Google's browser.

If you upgraded from a version of CubeCart that was several versions ago, perhaps forcing your browser to fetch fresh copies of page resources would solve #1. To force your browser to reload page resources (javascript, images, CSS files), that is usually done with CTRL-F5.


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