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Reduce Category Drop Down Vertical spacing

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Understood. But when you have a long list in a drop down, you can't scroll down to the bottom - the way it is functioning now for desktops and laptops is you only get to see the 1st 10 and when you try to scroll down in any browser, it jumps out of the scroll box. That's unacceptable.


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It's still majorly under construction, so the only thing I would be able to provide is the admin access area.... which I'm not inclined to share in a public forum.

But hold that thought, I can "open the store" for public access ... I just have to remember how.


Ok... that was easy.



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The edit you found will work.

Please know that CubeCart will coalesce all javascript files into one massive, squeezed file, and all CSS files into one massive, squeezed file. The effect of doing this is to make one page resource request for each, and the resulting squeezed files are significantly smaller.

However, these squeezed files are cached by CubeCart in the /cache/ folder and are used for about 24 hours. (Plus, your browser may also cache them for the browser's purposes.)

That means any changes made to the skin's original javascript and CSS files will not arrive at the browser. Not even if you force the browser to fetch fresh page resources.

To override the creation and use of these CubeCart cached squeezed files, in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable Debugging mode and enter your IP address in the adjacent field (www.whatismyip.com). You (rather, only the IP address entered in that field) will then begin to see a section below all pages that contain certain kinds of debugging info. There may be, on relevant occasion, an error listed if one makes a mistake in the Smarty template coding, but most of this debugging info will not be of interest to you just yet.

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CubeCart's process of squeezing and caching page resource files happen before anything at all gets sent out to the browser.

So, yes, the squeezed/cached files will be used for all page requests made by everyone.

If a browser is configured not to load/run javascript files, the browser will either not make the request for the large squeezed javascript file, or will simply not execute it.

However, again, if a visitor's IP address (that is, yours) is given next to that Debugging setting, then CubeCart will not code the final page HTML to specify one link to the large squeezed files, but rather will code the final page HTML to specify all individual links to the page resources.

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