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la fonction Save n'agit plus

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je viens d'installer Cubecart et de faire plusieurs essais.

j'ai installer plusieurs themes pour voir lequel je garderai et d'un seul coup je suis bloqué sur un theme, le bouton Save ne fonctionne plus il recharge la page c'est tout.

Est que quelqu'un peut m'aider.


-----Translation :



I just installed Cubecart and did several tests.

I installed several themes to see which one I will keep and all of a sudden I'm stuck on a theme, the Save button no longer works it just reloads the page.

Is there anyone who can help me.

thank you


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Welcome Cinimod! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Making a change to any settings in Store Settings, do the settings stay as changed?

If not, the situation may be that there is way too much information in one of the settings. The Offline content may be really long and is overflowing the settings array.

But, if any setting (other than choosing the default skin) can be changed and the changed setting stays changed, we need to look elsewhere.


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Bonsoir Bsmither,

Merci pour cette reponse rapide.

Je viens de faire l'essai, effectivemnet aucune modification n'est prise en compte.

j'ai été faire un tour dans les messages d'erreurs et j'acelui la : ...mon domaine....boutique-Cube/classes/config.class.php:357 - Config write size error: config

ce message apparait a chaque fois que je clique sur Save

Merci pour votre aide.

-----Translation :

Good evening, Bsmither,

Thank you for that quick answer.

I have just done the test, indeed no changes are taken into account.

I went for a look at the error messages and I got it: ...my domain....boutique-Cube/classes/config.class.php:357 - Config write size error: config
this message appears every time I click on Save

Thank you for your help


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