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Product Images have varying quality

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We've noticed that we have to cop our product images to very small - no more that 4" x 4". And that's no issue, but no matter how crystal clear our images are, in the product listings they are fuzzy. And even under the category listings, they are still fuzzy, but not as much. And under the product detail, they are almost perfect. What is causing the lack of clarity in the areas, and how can we fix it? Is this an artifact of a thumbnail creation within the software, or a .css styling?

I found this in the knowledge base, but we don't even get close to that kind of clarity once the pictures get uploaded:

ps.... we've been uploading images as .jpg's. Should they be converted to jpeg? I've never understood the technical difference between the 2 formats.


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Cropping images to "very small". and you mention a physical dimension in inches.

On an image which has rendered smaller sizes that doesn't turn out so well, what is the WxH size as measured in pixels?

JPG and JPEG are the same format.

There is one interesting setting when creating a JPG image: progressive interlace mode. This tells the application that displays the JPG to show a rough image immediately, then progressively fill in finer detail.

I do not know if the image code library in PHP that CubeCart uses makes a difference with respect to this mode.


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This is an example of how the images are rendering. The small one is an image that was recreated somehow other than by %, which actually could enhance the image. I expect to lose some clarity on enlargements, it's not too bad. But the clarity on either falls far short of the example given in the aforementioned "support.cubecart" link.



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The source image compresses (JPG) from 395K to 44K (compression value = 8). The rendered 500 size compresses from 395K to 23K (compression value = 20).

CubeCart will not make rendered variants larger than the source image.

You might consider editing the skin's config.xml file to make the larger variants have quality="100". (Note that this file for the stock Foundation skin will be overwritten on upgrade.)


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I will try that, thanks.

...if I make a copy of the .xml file in the same folder, would that get removed on an upgrade? Just thinking I'd like to have a copy to do a string comparison on after upgrades.

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