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"Tax Class" / "Tax Class ID" not explained


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A tax class is given a name that essentially describes how much tax is to be applied against a product. The actual name is for the admin's benefit.

Those names of the classes are presented in a drop-down when creating products. So, some products will be taxed at the full, luxury, standard rate tax class. Other products (feminine hygiene products, for example) would be taxed at a zero, non, exempt rate tax class (or perhaps partial, reduced, special rate tax class).

Where do you see "Tax Class ID"?


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See the notes column for "Tax Class" row at https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool

Example given:

tax_type Tax Class Number Tax Class ID


No explanation as to what "2" means.

Coming to think of it, the first row, "Status", is unexplained too. Just left at "1" by way of example. I'm guessing that means "online" or "live" or "visible" or "available", "0" being the opposite of all these synonyms.



To rephrase my question: Tax Class ID is a number to be entered in the "Tax Class" column at the above link.

What are the numbers? Who assigns / assigned the numbers? How?

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This is an instance where the person who prepares the file for bulk import needs to be very familiar with the contents of an existing database table: CubeCart_tax_class.

The Tax Class ID is the number found in the 'id' column of that table.

The example given (2), for a fresh stock install of CubeCart, is the 'id' in CubeCart_tax_class for the "Reduced Rate" of taxes. (A reduced tax rate may be permitted for certain types of products or services.)

The 'id' column in the CubeCart_tax_class table is auto-incrementing - thus there is no inherent meaning to its value. It is just an index to the named Tax Classes.

An issue has been posted to the Github asking for a better explanation in the KB article and to allow for named Tax Classes in the bulk import file.

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You can leave it blank.

The value of Tax Class ID for 'full rate' (probably "Standard") should be '1'. You can verify this by using an external database utility - such as phpMyAdmin - and view the database table CubeCart_tax_class.

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