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Any Ready-Made Privacy Policy for Sole Traders? [United Kingdom]

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I'm guessing the GDPR thing about cookies is not in the same ballpark as a privacy policy for a small online business.


Therefore, does anybody have a truly ready-made privacy policy. I will thoroughly read it through of course (box clever).

I've seen a few on the web but they are still complicated.


For example: If you are a sole trader, they expect your real name. And if you work from home, that means your home address.

The problem there is: what if you don't want to give that type of info out?

Ever spoken to a gentleman from you-know-where, on a Romanian country extension, who abruptly cuts out, then calls you again on another country's extension? And he wants to meet you in person? And other person from you-know-where also wants to meet you all of a sudden? It gets scary scary. I was only selling recycled plastic as well.

Well, all l'm saying is, l'd rather not bare all, thank you. I'm happy giving an unregistered business name (l'm not a registered business as such, not registered for VAT anyway), and my storage premises for returns, a la eBay adverts.


Is there a privacy policy for ME out there? A sole trader with a storage site that doesn't want to end up falling foul of international extortion rings that mistakenly think he has savings to speak of.


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I would say it's your policy.

Sure, there are national rules that one needs to follow (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, etc), but I would say you would write how you would want other sites to treat what they know about you.

The Privacy Policy is all about how you treat your customers, and not at all about how well hidden you want to be from your customers.

One can get into trouble by stating a policy, your customers then interact with you in ways based on expectations that you say you will (or won't) do, then you don't follow your own policy.

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14 hours ago, bsmither said:

I would say it's your policy.

... not at all about how .... you want


OK aside from that self contradiction, let me explain:


- I was asking, not telling.

- So, l wasn't telling that "this is my privacy policy, it's so cool isn't it" etc. etc. and then the response is "oh no it's not! That's not cool man"

- I was asking: anybody got a privacy policy amenable to the situation described. Whether you like that situation or not.



13 hours ago, Al Brookbanks said:

Sadly there is no such thing as every organisation no matter the size is different.



- I was asking: anybody got a privacy policy amenable to the situation described.



Y'all try this:





=IF(AND(ISTEXT($Q1,$A1),"Exact Response Goes Here",))




Imagine if Excel started giving you jip?

Good point about needing to be clued up on one's own privacy policy though, because one could get caught out by not reading one's own small print. So thanks for that, seriously.

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