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Sale Price Blank - Why You Infer "100% OFF"? "£0.00" = 100% off, not blank field.

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Please say what the following setting is: admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Sales Mode and Global Percentage Discount.

In Per-Product mode, the sale price must be greater than zero. Otherwise, the product's "ctrl_sale" flag is set to false and the product is not offered on sale to the customer.

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Hello, unsure about "admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Sales Mode and Global Percentage Discount. " EDIT: You mean this to be a path.

OK l checked, and Sales Mode was "Per product", Global percentage discount blank, number of sale items to display: 10.

It makes not a whit of difference that l do the following:



Let me explain: I downloaded the sample inventory. From that, l created an inventory upload template, based on a few hints here and there to fill in the blank columns.

One of the fields was "Sale Price" which is not the same as "Price". Sale Price, you may recall, refers to the promo price.

I left that blank, unfilled. CubeCart said "Oh hello, this means you want to give it all away for free!"

Had l entered £0.00 in that column, CubeCart could legit say that, otherwise it had no right to assume.


I've had to reupload everything (not too hard actually, somehow there must have been "memory" of my previous inventory). This time, l completely omitted the "Sale Price" column, just to be sure, though maybe if l included it, l could have just left it on "Ignore" when matching it up to the options on the pulldown menu in control panel. However, l still saw on intermittent "Sale" lists on the shop storefront, that all of my items were discounted to £0.00.

I reuploaded the entire inventory, including the "Sale Price" column, but l selected to ignore it via the control panel pulldown menu. Still same problem. On intermittent "Sale" lists on the shop storefront, some - presumably all - of my items were discounted to £0.00.

Moreover, there's no way to access the "Sale" and "Featured" and "Newly Listed" lists via the default shop template.


I have now set the Sales Mode to "Disabled". Maybe it was remembering my very very very first upload, where l had a blank Sale Price column? And subsequent reuploads (having deleted entire inventory) did not un-forget that? I believe this has solved the problem.


Curious bug: Meta Description column: if there's a semicolon in this column, the row in question gets shifted to the right thereafter, because whatever is after that semicolon goes into the next column along on that row.

Another problem: Condition labels aren't displaying. I have most items set to "Used" but in the "Specification" window, the condition field is blank. Please can you help?

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A zero value in the database table CubeCart_inventory, column 'sale_price' is the default value (used if the value to be inserted is not numeric or missing).

A such, CubeCart knows that a zero value for 'sale_price', as stored in the database record, will inhibit that product being displayed as being on sale. (The code for this is in the file /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 1273, in the function getProductPrice().)

Please use an external database utility to view the table CubeCart_inventory, and verify the values found in the 'sale_price' column.

For CubeCart to show a product as being on sale at a zero value is not normal. We would like to figure out what may be causing this zero value to show.

The bulk upload file is in a "comma separated values" format. Thus, any value that has commas as part of the value must be enclosed -- typically by the quote mark.


This, on the face of it, is three separate columns of data.

"This, however, is one single, enclosed column of data."

If the source spreadsheet has the ability to export as a CSV, be sure to enable the enclosing of text fields by a quote.

For the condition, please use the key words 'refurbished', 'used' or 'new'. Note that these key words are lowercase.

The reason why CubeCart uses key words for the product's condition is because these key words reference the appropriate real words in the language pack being shown to the customer.


key word: new
real Spanish word: Nuevo


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>>>> Ok thanks. I have solved it your way. When exporting to CSV, l have now selected: "Quote all text cells" and that has done the trick.


>>>> That has also solved the "curious bug" mentioned in my previous post in red font.


>>>> As for the "Condition" labels not appearing, please let it be known that the instructional table here: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool

gives the example condition "New" with a capital N.

Surprised nobody's caught that. I guess you have a huge untapped market there, for people that deal with bulk uploads i.e. people mirroring their eBay inventory? Because nobody has picked up on this flaw with bulk uploading via spreadsheeet and the example showing a capital N for New.


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