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Courier Aggregator Extension?


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Will it ever be possible to:

- Tie in to an existing courier aggregator site e.g. Parcel2Go, at checkout?

- So, the customer gets an applet representing a miniaturised version of the smorgasboard of couriers that Parcel2Go offers?

- That way, customer chooses their own courier and tariff (unless YOU have said no to some couriers because they are physically nowhere near you for you to drop a parcel off with them, for example)

- And of course YOU get to add a premium for the labour and packaging materials

- Good thing is: full transparency with costs, and instant global reach without wondering if the grass is greener on the other side, because you're now no longer tied to one courier, you have many couriers to offer your customer


- Note: l haven't yet set up my payments and couriers so maybe this is an irrelevant topic

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