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UK Shipping Extension needed.

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I have spent the entire day working fruitlessly only to realise that all UPS systems rely on you being in the states not England and most other shipping ext's require you to have an account with them but I simply need a walkthrough on "all in one shipping".  

What I need is a frustrated impatient "walkthrough" of how to set up ALL IN ONE SHIPPING
.................... maybe for Europe. USA, Canada and China.
I do NOT see a logic to it and literally everything I attempt comes up with 
"The following errors were detected: Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries."

When I debugged the sale it said it found TWO that would have worked but I still got the message above.
Even nicer. 

If it came with an instruction manual that would be great but none of them do.
Does anyone know where there is one for someone who doesnt dream in PHP. 


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Welcome Neil_Armstrong! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Let's explore the module by creating a very simple shipping calculation, then work up to something more complicated.

On the module settings General tab, check the status box. Also, check the "Total quantity-based rates" checkbox. (Hidden in the Advanced Settings section, is the Flat Rate checkbox which is probably checked.)

On the Shipping Zones tab, we will use the "Rest of World" zone. Click the Shipping Rates link. There should be five empty rows for shipping rates. Fill in the rows as follows:

Single      1.99  1  1
Double      2.99  2  2
Triple      3.99  3  3
Half-Case   6.99  4  6
Full-Case  12.99  7 12

Click Save all changes. Then click the Clear Cache button at the top-right corner.

We need to make sure the Cart has no left-over, obsolete shipping data. So, as a customer, View the Cart and click "Empty Basket".

Put six items in the Cart and proceed to Checkout.

Since we did not create any specific zone, the AIOS module should use the Rest of World rate schedule.

When you "debugged the sale", what were you viewing for the debugging?

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Oh yes..Very cool as a starter. 🙂  I like this progress. Many thanks indeed.  

OK... Let me install what you've done and get back to you.  Also I'll show you the debug data I got. 

And just as an addition the issue I mainly have is this.....

One parcel. 55cm x 44cm x 4 cm and weighs in at 2 kilos. 

FROM England TO anywhere else in Europe... = £8.50
FROM England TO the USA... = £18.50
FROM England TO China... = £32.50

Same Parcel. Different dests!!! 
How on earth do I make head or tail thus far??? 
I am so concerned with this I dont mind paying  a fat reward for the solution. And thats a fact. 

Anyway, let me put into action what you've done so far. 🙂 

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Well, a bumpy road for me.
"On the module settings General tab, check the status box."

"Also, check the "Total quantity-based rates" checkbox. (Hidden in the Advanced Settings section, is the Flat Rate checkbox which is probably checked.)"
I found the Advanced settings and clicked the Flat rate Checkbox.

"On the Shipping Zones tab, we will use the "Rest of World" zone."
I didnt see this. Re: images below. 

"Click the Shipping Rates link. There should be five empty rows for shipping rates. Fill in the rows as follows:"
This really threw me. See the image. Scratching my head on that one. 
On the "shipping zones tab" I didnt see rest of world, but when I tried to make it with what was offered suddenly there was an entire world countries name list to choose from. Kind of lost me. 

I de-installed the extension and re-installed it. But to no avail.  I cleared cache in the hope that what you see would be what I did but.... no. 

I await your wisdom. :) 









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Even trying to plough through what I presume is an update to the module I cannot find 4 boxes in a line to add in the data as you have... 
I have really tried here.  
I am very appreciative of your help you have no idea but... I just cannot emulate it here. 

Ive used the latest version of the ALl in ONe and one of the older ones. But nothing matches your descriptions. 


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UPDATE: I've just tried every variation I can to make sense of the module but even following your instructions over and over several times from a year back on its own download page I cant make sense of the logic. I can only assume that what I'm looking at isn't what you worked with back then. 


Edited by Neil_Armstrong
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When arriving at the module's settings for the first time, there are no default settings being shown. However, the default settings do get databased.

To show the default settings, have the browser make another request for the module's settings page.

Because there are no zones created as yet, there will be one table at the bottom of the page - and if filled in, to be used for world-wide rates. Once shipping zones are created, there will be a tab for each, including a "Rest of World" tab for rates when no other zone satisfies the geographical parameters.

You have stated the 'country - cost' relationship. It appears to be a flat-rate per package. So, uncheck 'weight-based' and uncheck 'subtotal-based' checkboxes, Click the Advanced Settings link. For these parameters, have Per-Item as the only box checked. Save.

We will now create zones.

The first zone is for Europe. Click the "Add Shipping Zone" tab. The Zone Name is: Europe. This zone will contain one or more countries, so select that radio button. Click in the box that says "Choose (each country by typing here...)". Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for the EU, so you will need to select each country in Europe you will ship to (France, Spain, etc). Save this page.

We now see the Shipping Zones tab and its list of zones. Click the Shipping Rates link on the Europe row.

There are five rows for rates based on the number of items. We only need one row, so that row has for Name: Shipping, Price is 8.50 (do not include currency symbol). Save all changes.

The second zone is USA. Repeat the steps above to create the United States zone.

The third zone is China. Repeat the steps above to create the China zone.

To test, on the storefront, make sure a customer is signed in with an address in the USA. From the View Basket (or Checkout) page, empty the basket. This clears out any prior shipping choices. Then, add three items into the basket. View the Basket (or begin Checkout). The Shipping should be 55.50 (18.50 x 3).

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Hi bsmither... I have to give you a very big thankyou. 
As simple as it seems NOW.. looking back at my previous images I do NOT get those nor see them (most of them) any more. So either it was a cache issue or a glitch but manually deleting the server cache and then refreshing gave me functionality which matched your new instruction. 

Now I see the very simple logic. 
So, with that in mind I have painstakingly gone through multiple courier sites and Royal Mail (Legal Daylight Robbery for shipping in the UK 😉 ) and more or less fine tuned the pricing system so that it seemingly works from 0.1kg up to about 3 or 4 kilos. 

I have some repetitions as you can see but these are here because different services offer different prices and so in some cases its the same for 2 kilos as 3 depending on who's deployed. 
But not always for other countries. I left them in and they all seem to work so whatever the codes logic is it isnt confused by repetitious fees over doubled listings variable only on weight. 
For me thats good because updates are easier. 
It did NOT make sense to me until your workthrough made me consider it in a different manner. 
I'm really grateful.

I've been into internet design for a long  time. It's where my Animation started actually.  Hacking php for forums since 1995 has always worked for me but WITH the assistance of people who fluently write it. Like yourself. 

So many thanks again and I'm sure there will be other questions from issues this end. Otherwise life would be boring. 
www.raggedybird.com is what I've been working on here. It seems to run fine. Now to stock the shelves. Hah!



OK, so.... onwards and upwards...... 🤔

Could you please let me know how I would, for instance offer

Royal Mail - 2nd Class 5 days insured Signed for delivery @£2.60p
UPS - 24 hour Courier insured Tracked Signed for @ £23.50
for the same item. 

Because I notice there's a drop down for shipping choice.  
But I don't see anywhere to implement such choices for a buying customer.
Some people have money to throw away so lets cater for them.

Many thanks. 

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The drop-down for shipping choices is an aggregate from all enabled shipping modules. So, there could be shipping choices sourced from the UPS shipping module. Same from the Royal Mail module. But I read you are having issues with these services.

These other services mentioned above -- are they weight-based as well? If so, add them into the appropriate tables. That is:

Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class                4.00  0.1 - 0.5
Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class 5 Day Insured  2.60  0.1 - 0.5
UPS Courier Tracked Signed For Overnight      23.50  0.1 - 0.5

Each rate configuration, having matching or overlapping parameters, are not (should not be) mutually exclusive.

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I think it's all there now. 🤗 Brilliant.  
I am so pleased you helped me get this issue sorted out. It started to feel like a make or break and I couldn't understand why an idiots guide  walkthrough of the current "all in one" wasn't available.  For the perfection of CubeCart itself  which I have used for more years than I care to remember it seemed to contradict by lacking.

However.... time to stock some items. So thats the rest of the week booked up. 😉
Many thanks again. And you should allow people to token you through paypal. Sometimes rewards are well earned. 

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