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Windowed URL Oddity.

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With the URL www.ThePetsWhiskers.com I click on a product of my choice but when I am presented with the image it does not show the little magnifying glass NOR does the main image change if I mouse over the smaller images on its right.  (Using Kuoroto skin)  

If I use the literal URL
Everything works absolutely fine. Slideshow, magnifying glass, mouse overs etc.

SO... am I correct in assuming this is a path issue related to java?

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It could be related to wanting to bring in a frame from a different domain.

My test of ThePetsWhiskers (initially) gets me a blank page because my browser settings (NoScript) are set to disallow this.

My browser settings (RequestPolicy Continued) are also set to disallow requesting page resources from a different domain than where the page came from - but how this restriction is implemented, I am not sure.

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Holy badgers whiskers.................
Sorry to take so long....
I found the issue. Its an odd one. 

The HTACCESS file had some code in it that disallowed windowed URLs. 
So I took that out of the HTACCESS file.
The site error remained.
I looked in the index page I think it was and in there was an identical line. Disallowing windowed URLs. So having deleted that too the site runs beautifully. 

Another anomaly though is that the original site raggedybird runs fine WITH both the index file line And the HTACCESS file AND is windowed too.  

I can only see that this is some kind of misguided security at heartinternet server systems because the logic doesnt fit the results. 
Thankyou for your time anyway. 


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