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Customer Chooses Delivery Slot Shipping Method


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My store is for a local wholesalers and I want to offer free local delivery if a customer spends £x or more. I want to be able to specify certain time slots that a customer can have a delivery. There will be 4 options:


Does anyone know of or how to create such a shipping method?

Also would it be possible to restrict such orders to a certain radius of a postcode or area as I only want to offer local deliveries.

Complicated I know but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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The All in One Shipping module should do this.

On the General tab, check the "Sub-Total based" rates. Save.

Create a shipping zone based on what zip codes you are willing to deliver to. Then create shipping rates where the Names are such as: M-F:7AM-9AM, and Sat:9AM-2PM. Set the Sub-Total limit to start at where you offer free shipping/delivery.

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