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Per Product Sale items

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I'm not sure how the "Per Product" sale item works, so forgive the perhaps simple question.


I'm trying to reduce the price of 7 items in my store by 10% for a Sale. Most of the items already have quantity discounts which I also want to discount by 10%. Do I have to alter the sale price and the quantity pricing off each item, or can I somehow ask Cubecart to reduce all prices of these items by 10%?



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Thanks, this helped a lot, but wasn't a 100% solution for what I required.


I was trying to reduce all the prices (both retail and quantity discount) for a sale. If I just (manually) typed in a new sale price that was 10% less than the retail, this left the quantity discounts in some cases more than the sale price of the item. I then used the bulk price change to change (percentage by 90%) the quantity discount to reduce by 10%. If I tried to use the bulk price change on the sale price, this only worked if there was already a price in the "sale price" box on the product. I had hoped that the bulk price change may have been able to do the calculation "retail price x 90% = sale price". Since I only had to do a few items, it was no drama, but for more, it may have been a bit of a pain!



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