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Download DB from one site and upload into another???

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I have now, for the sake of time-convernience created TWO Cubecarts. 

My issue initially was that the folder name had to change as did the URL. Idiot mistake but I make these sometimes.  

So theyre both working BUT.......

Can I download the DB from the one cubecart that isnt wanted anymore in one folder
and UPload it into the second correct version in another folder?

Each folder has a different name.
Each cubecart is the same version. 

What issues would evolve? 
What would be my technical procedure?
Many thanks. 

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CubeCart communicates with an external application called MySQL. It is a database server and as such, resides elsewhere on the computer -- not in any of CubeCart's folders.

There is nothing to do here as there really isn't a problem to solve.

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