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How can I set a Tax Class default?

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I found a product that the tax class wasn't set so I ran an audit on the inventory table to look for any products <> 1 and found 6. So I thought I would just make the tax code default to 1 in the table, but when I tested that, it didn't work. Is there another way I can make that default happen when the product gets inserted into the table the 1st time?


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Would removing the "Please select" option work for you? If so, then in the admin template products.index.php, near line 248, delete:
<option value="">{$LANG.common.please_select} &hellip;</option>

Note: the "Please select" option is only available on the 'normal' customer group -- named "Retail Pricing". After having made other customer groups, and selecting any of those other groups to set prices, there is no "Please select" and as such, defaults to displaying, and therefore choosing when submitting, the first option in the list.




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