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CubeCart 3.8 or 3.9 How to decrypt user passwords?

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I'm asked to migrate a cubecart store with 10.000 customers over to magento. In order to that if possible I would like to know how cubecart encrypt the passwords. so I can decrypt and put it in the magento. I mean encrypt it back to how magento want it stored.

Maybe this is impossible, but my client very much would like this to be done. As many of his customers might have forgotten their passords, They just rely on password store in cookie and if the customers need to send "forgot password", then it would be too much fuzz

I'm not sure if it is cubecart 3.8 or 3.9, but it should be one of the latest versions of cubecart 3.


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I do not know how customizable Magento is.

But one could copy the algorithm CC3 uses to validate a password, then change/augment this particular installation of Magento to incorporate the same algorithm. That way, new customers would use the stock Magento algorithm, while carried-over customer pass/salts from CC3 would be trialed by the augmented code.

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