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Data Migration

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Back full circle and now at the point where I mirror the database on our main site and set to work on the 2020 price changes.

This takes me about 3 weeks to complete.


The way I work this, I have an identical mirror of the web site on another domain, I make all my price changes on the mirror, then on the 1st of January, I copy the following tables from one database to the other.

Category, Category_index, Image_index, Inventory, Option assign, group & value.


I've totally missed that Al updated our main site about 6 weeks ago, I never considered the mirror.

As I'm now so close to starting work on the price changes, I don't want the added complication of updating the mirrored site.


The mirror is on 6.1.8, the main site on 6.2.6

Are there any fundemental database changes on 6.2.6 which could stop this process from working ???

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I thought there were problems with the upgrade process, and it had to be done manually. ?

Further to this, if i did update automatically, the mirror would be in 6.2.8.


I'm happy to leave the mirror on 6.1.8 as long as none of those tables have changed.

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A rather drastic way to do this, but I copied the entire public_html folder from my live site to my mirror.

Took ages. My mirrored site has 6.2.6 files with a 6.1.8 database

Still not sure if the database on 6.2.6 differs from 6.1.8 though.


I guess time will tell.

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