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to center an image and a video?

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Hello, can you tell me how center or aligned the image to the video I test a lot of things but I can not do it ..




this is what gives him as disaster ,How to align the small picture on the left with the right video in green ?.

here is the code I used

<p style="text-align:center;"><img alt="" src="/boutique/santons-de-provence/peyron-campagna/images/source/test/blason-francais.jpg" style="width: 47px; height: 60px;" />
<video autoplay="true" height="60" loop="" width="468"><source src="/boutique/santons-de-provence/peyron-campagna/images/source/video/demoslash.mp4" style="width: 468px; height: 60px;" /></video>

If anyone can help me I offer a beer

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Are you saying that making the edit is not possible for you? You have no access to the file that needs editing? Or you have no computer program that you can use to load the file into and make changes?

Or the editor will not allow you to make the changes as shown above?

Or, you are making the edit, but the changed file is not what is being sent out of the web server and received by the web browser? (Some people realized they were changing files on the wrong web site.)

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This is the HomePage document. It is stored in the database in CubeCart_documents table. Use an external utility (such as phpMyAdmin) to examine the 'doc_home'=1 record, and view the 'doc_content' contents. If the vertical-align:baseline; code is there, then CubeCart is still fetching query responses from the cache.

When clearing CubeCart's, internal cache, the /cache/ folder should now have no files, especially not those that have .sql. in the filenames.

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