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New Users Can't Register Nor Checkout


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Hey there everyone.

Just wondering if anyone has faced after upgrade to 6.2.8. New customers can't register nor checkout. Page shows and you can fill out all information and etc. , but when trying to click on register button nothing happens.

You can login if account exsist, but can't register nor checkout for a new user. It's so weired that only "Register and Checkout" button seems to be the only issue, but only for new users. If your logged in to an account. Everything works as should with no problem.

I thought it was a browser cache issue, but nothing after clearing cache. Tried several browsers and nothing. i tried clearing all caches from admin panel, and nothing. Also tried reverting back to a backup, and nothing, then re upgraded and still nothing.

So here I am, trying my luck with anyone that has faced this issue or any advise or heads up on how to go about this issue.

I thank anyone in advance for some heads up, and very well appreciated!


Thank you!


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 I have just had a similar thing reported by a new customer today.

Customers who are already register can order, but new customers can fill out all the registration form, click register and get a while blank screen with the URL: 



All was OK last week so I am wondering what I have changed. !! There are no admin or system errors pertaining to registration


Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Going straight to the Registration page works fine.

Coming from the form at checkout, the data entered there is passed to CubeCart's User->registerUser() function via POST.

As you say, this usually works. Now you have (one?) customer complaint?

Please determine, if possible, if the data submitted on the checkout form is unusual in any way:

* All Caps
* Foreign Alphabet
* Any part that might resemble a PHP or javascript keyword (triggering a security rule)

Consult your hosting provider if they have logs of any security rules being tripped.


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Hi Brian,

I passed this issue over to Al Brookbanks after trying myself several times. My site is hosted on a shared windows server, so the error logs were hard to get, but the host did get a copy of the error logs but Al could not find anything wrong.

I ended up turning off registering prior to purchase so that customers can not find a register page until they get to the checkout. 

regards Duncan

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