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Paypal problem

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I installed the Paypal plugin.  PayPal Standard Payment Gateway.  I tested the connection with Paypal using the Testendpoint.  There was an error.

Request Sent (cURL) - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 0=null&1=1
Error: cURL Error (0): cURL is installed but may be disabled by the host. cURL exec returns false.

I verified with the administrator of the server for cURL there was no problem from our part.

Is there a bug with the last version CubeCart ou with the Paypal plugin ? Is there a solution to solve the problem?

Thanks for your answers.

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The web address seems strange. The 0=null&1=1 needs to have a question mark in front of it.

In admin, click PHP Info at the bottom of the Navigation pane. Then scroll to the table for "curl". Any interesting data here?

This message is generated by CubeCart and is the result when the response from the cURL Request is empty (or otherwise 'false-like').

Did you find these errors listed in the Request Log? There probably wasn't anything shown for the "Response Received" section?

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The error was found in the Request Log.  There is nothing which can help me in PHP cubecart file.  I forget to mention there is something else that is written

Response received (301 - Moved Permanently)

Thank your for your help

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According to this module's changelog:


    1.0.0 - Taken from CubeCart 5.2.13
    1.0.1 - Fixed "Cancel and retrun to" link from PayPal in CubeCart version 6
    1.0.2 - For for order change to Processing on cleared eCheque.
**  1.0.3 - Added a tool to check PayPal IPN Endpoint works.
**  1.0.4 - IPN endpoints updated to ipnpb.paypal.com and ipnpb.sandbox.paypal.com.
    1.0.5 - Updated BN codes
    1.0.6 - Protection to check currency and paid amount is correct before updating status
    1.0.7 - Fixed exception error in gateway.class.php file. 
    1.0.8 - Bug fix on currency/total verification check.
    1.0.9 - Protection added to prevent order status returning to "Processing" if not currently "Pending".

An issue has been posted in the Github asking to verify if the tool also got updated web addresses for the endpoints to test.

Also, there was at one time, a line of code in the Request set of functions to allow cURL to follow 301 and 302 bounces. That code has been removed from recent versions of CubeCart.

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I use the Standard PayPal and my test endpoint worked correctly:


Request Sent - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 0=null&1=1
Response received (302 - Found)
Can I be of help testing anything? I am on 6.2.8 and have a test site I can fiddle with.
I notice I don't have the question mark in my response either.
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Just might be how the Request Log actually logs the request.

There were some interesting changes in CC628 to how the Request class determines what is an error. (I haven't fully explored that change.) A 301 or 302 is not considered a success. But I can look further.


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I have the answer this error  Response received (301 - Moved Permanently) is due to the server

My webhosting have migrated my domain to another server. After the migration their was no more error.

I don't know what was exactly the problem but 301 error is related to the server. It seems it is about the way the information is transmitted

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