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Hi All,

         I'm using the Mican skin and I want to use a promotional code, I have created the code and assigned it to a single product however when I select that product in the order I get the message 'sorry that code doesn't exist' Have I forgotten to set something up oe is there a trick to get this feature to work

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction

Best Regards



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Hi Brian,

            Thanks for the feed back however the site that I'm dealing with is on ver 6.1.15 using ver 7.3 of php therefore the programs specified in github don't aggree with the ones of the client that I'm dealing with.

If I just put in the changes for the specified programs work even if the specified code is not there (just a wild guess)

best regards,


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This is what the Github issue says:

* all CubeCart installations prior to CC626 (check: you have CC6.1.15)
* running under PHP 7.3 and later (check: you have PHP 7.3)

In CC6.1.14 (shouldn't be too different than CC6.1.15), the code to change are near these line numbers:
/classes/cart.class.php, 499
/admin/sources/products.coupons.inc.php, 47


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