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What happened to the mail?

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This error message is coming from PHPMailer. PHPMailer has been instructed to use the PHP mail() functionality that communicates with the server's mailer.
(See: https://www.php.net/manual/en/mail.requirements.php)

In CubeCart's admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, check the Email Sending Method. Make sure it is what you believe it should be.

We like to say, if something just started happening for no reason, put the blame on the server environment and hosting provider.


But it is strange that at 20:32:44, it worked, five seconds later, it didn't, tried again two minutes later and failed, one minute later it worked, then (presumably) all fails after that.

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I investigated a bit more. It is indeed at my web hosting the error is, but the mail works fine (I sent a testmail to myself).


The problem seems to be one particular mail address (the one I blurred out). It is the same for all the failed attempts, so somehow the hoster is unable to resolve it or something like that.

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