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Fatal error: Access denied for user 'speedymoun_cart' @ 'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/speedymoun/domains/speedymountain.com/public_html/equipment/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42

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good evening I have exactly the same mistake on my site and I can not solve it, I explain what I did:
- I have a site n ° 1: www.destock-loisir-motors.com/v5 that I will close soon

- new site n ° 2: www.speedymountain.com/equipment

I created on the same server, a hosting for my new domain of my new company and I want to transfer the contents of my site n ° 1 on the new domain name n ° 2 as follows:

I saved the public folder as well as the database.

I downloaded the complete content of "public" on the "public n ° 2"

I created a new database, named it by the same name as site 2 and downloaded the content

first observation, the site works well but uses the database of the site n ° 1

so I went into includes / global_inc and I changed the connection info, putting the names and password of my new database but the site crashes and I have no access to anything,

I can not find where and what I need to change in order to work with the new database.

Fatal error: Access denied for user 'speedymoun_cart' @ 'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/speedymoun/domains/speedymountain.com/public_html/equipment/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 42

if anyone can help me, it would be great

thanks in advance .

Regards Patrick


erreur identique 

bonsoir j'ai exactement l'erreur sur mon site et je n'arrive pas à la résoudre, j'explique ce que j'ai fait :

- j'ai un site n°1 : www.destock-loisir-motors.com/v5   que je vais fermer prochainement 

- nouveau site n° 2 : www.speedymountain.com/equipment  

j'ai creer sur le meme serveur, un hebergement pour mon nouveau domaine de ma nouvelle société et je désire transférer le contenu de mon site n°1 sur  le nouveau nom de domaine n°2 comme suit :

j'ai sauvegarder  le dossier  public ainsi que la base de données.

j'ai télécharger le contenu complet de "public" sur le " public n°2 "

j'ai creer une nouvelle base de données, et l'ai nommé du meme nom et j'ai  téléchargé le contenu

premiere constatation, le site fonctionne bien mais  utilise la base de données du site  n°1

donc je suis allé dans includes / global_inc et j'ai modifier les noms et mot de passe de nouvelle base de données mais le site plante et je n'ais plus accès à rien, 

This is is no or this and modify to that it this with a new base of data.

Erreur fatale : accès refusé pour l'utilisateur 'speedymoun_cart' @ 'localhost' (avec le mot de passe YES) dans  /home/speedymoun/domains/speedymountain.com/public_html/equipment/classes/db/mysqli.class.php,  à la ligne  42

si quelqu'un peu m'aider, ce serait super

merci par avance.

cordialement Patrick 

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I forget to specify, my main site has several types of products everything is mixed, so I also want to create sub sites, one per theme as follows

- wwww.speedymountain.com/equipment

- www.speedymountain.com/cars

etc ...

so I want to see on the site "equipment", that the workshop equipment, in "cars", that vehicles, etc ...

so I think it is easier to use 1 database per subdomain (the same at first, that I will clean via admin of each subdomains) to leave only the products concerned by the theme.

I am waiting for your suggestions and advice.





j'ai oublier de préciser, mon site principal posséde plusieurs type de produits tout est mélangé,  je veux aussi, creer  des sous sites, un par themes comme suit

- wwww.speedymountain.com/equipment

- www.speedymountain.com/cars 

etc ...

je veux donc que sur le site "equipment", apparaisse que le matériel d'atelier, dans "cars", que des véhicules, etc...

donc je pense qu'il est  plus simple d'utiliser 1 base de données par  sous domaine ( la meme au départ, que je vais  nettoyer via admin de chaque sous domaines) pour ne laisser que  les produits concernés par le theme.

j'attends vos suggestions et conseils.


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The message "Access denied" is coming from the database server. Yes, you copied over the database (the collection of tables) and gave that database a new name.

However, the database server needs to be configured (by a database server maintenance operator) to allow "Username" permission to operate on the new database.


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1 hour ago, bsmither said:

However, the database server needs to be configured (by a database server maintenance operator) to allow "Username" permission to operate on the new database.


explain (database server maintenance operator) 

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When you subscribe to a hosting company, they provide you with access to a MySQL database. When they up your hosting account, they usually create a username, password, and a database for you on the database server. This information is shown to you on the database section of your hosting account's control panel.

Thus, through this control panel utility, you can add users to your database. These new users will be given access to your database.

However, if you have installed CubeCart (and a web server, database server, and PHP) on a computer you own, then you do not have a hosting control panel to add another database to your account and add users to your database.

Assigning permission for your users to access your databases is automatic when using this hosting control panel. Thus, not having a control panel means you must manage the database server as an administrator or as a maintenance operator.

Is your web site being hosted by a hosting company? If so, are you provided with a control panel (such as "cPanel")?


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good evening I finally find the problem, he was so stupid and simple that I had not seen .....

in global inc it was housed a "! 5" next to my password, and it blocked everything ....

thank you for your help by reading the forum, I saw that everyone said that it was only necessary to fill the information in global inc and nowhere else, so I have looked and compared with attention ....

thank you


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