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Have you recently upgraded ?  Using url with the admin directory path no longer works.  The best way is to use FTP or your hosting control panel to login into the root directory of your store and see what the admin.php file is now called - it could be something like admin_AbCdEf.php where the six characters will be a random set of letters and numbers

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That depends on the version of CubeCart.

CubeCart 3/4 will have www.example.com/admin/index.php
CubeCart 5 most early versions is either /admin/index.php or /admin.php
CubeCart 6 and later versions of CubeCart 5 is /admin.php or /admin_rAnDoM.php

To learn what it actually is, please look at the folder contents using FTP or your hosting control panel's file manager.

You will also need to make sure that, for CC6, in the file /includes/global.inc.php, the value for $glob['adminFile'] matches the actual script file name.

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