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Cubecart & BOGO (Buy One Get One Free)

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Hey all, this is a feature we been looking at for awhile.  After doing some scouring I see a few people have brought it up but nothing seems to have come of it. So I figured I would reach out and see what you all have come across.

I havent seen any from the developers I usually go to but are there extensions that do BOGO?  If so, where/who?

Has anyone scripted something on their own?

Is there a way to simulate BOGO with standard features of Cubecart?

I am just throwing a wide net hoping to catch a tidbit that will help. Thanks all!

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Thank you for the fast responses!  The work around is actually quite clever, thanks again!  

I should have been more clear though, we at a bogo done with a code.  So we send out a blast with a BOGO sale, customer comes grabs up the BOGO items but it shows regular price in the cart. The application of the code triggers the discount.  Need that to track uses and success of the promotion vs accidentally stumbling up the sale.

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Actually, indirectly related question for anyone, is there a reason why BOGO hasnt been implemented in the out of the box Cubecart or through an extension by a third party.  Its so commonly used it is surprising and I wondered if there was a technical road block or a pathological hatred of BOGO :)

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