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Did SSL break Promotional codes?

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is I who's ignorant, but after I switched to SSL last month I did not test promotional codes until today, and somehow they don't seem to work. If this is a bug I will add it to github.

As for the promotional codes: I fill all values as before (before SSL), and when saving the code itself is gone. All the values are there, but the code is null (see attached screenshots).

Opening phpMyAdmin and editing the line in question, the code got back. I tested it on an order and got this message:

The following errors were detected:

  • Den kupongen existerar tyvärr inte.  (That coupon does not exist)


So, ok; maybe there's more mechanics behind the scenes than just updating the code word in the db, so I searched for an active - but still unused - promotional code and tested with that one, and got exactly the same error message!


Editing an existing code, changing the code name, does not save the new code name.




EDIT: the second screenshot says "Promotional code deleted" in the top header. It is irrelevant to this problem (I deleted another code just prior making the screenshot). Sorry for the confusion.



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Seems like it (I switched host provider). Upgrading to CC 6.2.8 seems to have solved this problem.




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