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customer circumvented sale

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We ran a promo on boxing day 15% off.

Customer filled his cart the day before, all items in his cart show the full price.

He must have clicked the continue button to take him to the payment gateway, as the order number shows the 25th.

And he must have completed the payment on boxing day, as the email time stamp says 08:30 on the 26th.


Whilst his inventory shows the full price  of all items, his payment total is that of the 15% discount.

Basically what was in his basket doesn't tally with what he paid.


Any thoughts ?

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Sorry, I ought to have mentioned.

It was global percentage discount.


I'm are not arguing with the customer, as technically it makes little difference whether he ordered on the 25th or 26th, we still obtained his business.

Just wondered why the cart somehow changed the subtotal, but not the individual item prices.

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I stumbled across this:

I do not know if anything was done with respect to it.

A quick check on my development installation showed that prices were updated correctly when, after adding to the basket and verifying that session had the items price at retail (but not before verifying that a cart order number had been created - might be key), then putting the store on sale, then proceeding directly to checkout. CubeCart did update the item prices to the sale price.

So, I need to verify if there is any difference in operation if a cart order id is created, then the sale mode is enabled.

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Posted (edited)

The GitHub post mirrors my experience.

I guess the customer choosing the checkout button writes the order to the database and allocates an order ID.

If a price changes after this, those database entries are not over written.

Not quite sure why the subtotal gets recalculated though.

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