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I've now switched back to the Commerce version and it seems to be working BUT it looks different - the 'pay in three instalments' notice has disappeared. very confusing.

Thanks for replying Steven! Always good to know you're not alone when these things happen.



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How do you change the email address in PayPal Commerce to a new one, I am having to change the email I use for PayPal. Do you just disconnect PayPal Commerce from PayPal change the email to the new one that is changed on the PayPal site and then reconnect PayPal Commerce to PayPal?



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As soon as I've succesfully verified and linked my Paypal account, the setup tries to return to Cubecart but I get a "too many redirects" error. I also get that error every time I try to edit the configuration for the plugin from the 'manage extensions' screen.

I've tried allowing all cookies and clearing cookies but it doesn't work. How can I fix this please?

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Thank you so much for your very speedy reply! It did turn out to be an SSL issue, but slightly different: The server wasn't set up to rewrite http to https. Correcting that, logging off and on again fixed the problem ☺️

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