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Manual upgrade from 6.1.15 to latest version


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Hi,I have lot of modifications in my store and I need some advice about manual upgrade from 6.1.15 to latest version.I am a bit unsure,if I have to go through all versions and compare files and do sql upgrade for every version or if I can go straight from 6.1.15 to latest,for example to 6.2.8 and make only latest sql upgrade to for version 6.2.8 ? So to make file comparison only between 6.1.15 and 6.2.8 or make all versions step by step  ?  Thanks advance for advice.DK

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We suggest that, on a local machine, you compare a stock copy of CC6115 versus a download of your working copy. Generate a report of all the changes you made. Be sure to include the Foundation skin if using that.

Then, unzip a stock copy of CC628 on your local machine. Work through the difference report implementing your customizations.

The manual upgrade procedure is to now FTP the folders and files to your site allowing the FTP program to overwrite all existing files. You should run www.site.com/setup/index.php and choose to upgrade (the database). Every version of CubeCart contains all that is needed to incrementally upgrade CubeCart's database from where it is to the corresponding schema having been installed.

You do not need to iterate from A through all intermediate versions to Z. You can go straight from A to Z.



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9 hours ago, DavidK said:

somehow I was not sure if I have to compare every version or just the latest.

As Brian said, you need to think about the upgrade in a different way.  Don’t look to document the changes between 6.1.5 and 6.2.8 but instead document the changes between your site and a stock 6.1.5

However altered your site is, the former will produce far more changes and it will be a much more difficult job to back port these to your current site.  Maybe the time to consider putting all your changes into one or more plugins so you don’t have this issue going forward


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