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Admin Login Time Out

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The past several versions of CubeCart has set an 'idle timeout' of seven days. This is set near line 34 of /classes/session.class.php (604800 seconds).

I say 'idle timeout' because CubeCart resets the expire time/date of the cookie for every page delivered to the user.

(Much earlier versions of CC5/6 had three days for storefront visitors and one or two hours for admins of actual time - not idle time - before the session expired.)

Then there is also your hosting provider's ability to "clean out" sessions that follow different rules. Usually however, that's not an issue.

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Has this been an on-going problem? Like, since you started being hosted by your current provider?

There have been some issues (with cut-rate hosting) regarding having thousands and thousands of files in PHP's folder designated to hold such session data. When that folder gets full, sessions will not hold for any length of time. Please consult with your hosting provider to see if that may be an issue for you.

Would you, by chance, have a browser or other program on your workstation that is designed to thwart "browser fingerprinting"? This interferes with the browser's "user-agent string". When CubeCart sees a different UA string, that session will be killed.

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Yes, this problem has been since installation. I am the provider (reseller on HostGator). I have quite a few customers with similar php scripts running, the problem doesn't exist elsewhere. I could expand the space allocation, we're at 73% max... but that makes no sense as the problem was before any content ever got added.

Also, this happens on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Puffin, Seaamonkey, Safari), and all devices.


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Error log is empty. The System Error log has some errors from November, but nothing that seems related to this problem.

...this might have some odd connection to another problem we've had since a few days after installation where when closing the store from Admin doesn't work, and going to the store from Admin in some browsers, the pictures that "live" in the images directory don't display. We never figured that one out, either... but since it only affected us and not our customers we didn't burn a whole lot oil on it. But it seems like whatever controller is suppose to recognize Admins kind of doesn't.

Also, don't know if this helps or not, it happens (still) on a brand new W10 box that just got set up about 3 weeks ago.

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I have installed CC629 on a Linux Mint system with PHP7.4.3.

One of the very first things I noticed was that I had anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes of session time.

Some, maybe many, many versions (called distributions), of Linux takes it upon itself to clean out PHP sessions at 9 minutes and 39 minutes after every hour.

After stopping that activity, PHP itself now manages sessions with parameters having been supplied by CubeCart.


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