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limited choice of payment per customer


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Hello, I am looking for a plugin for my shop which allowed me to choose how the customer can pay for his order.

For example on my site I have 2 means of payment: 1 by check 2 by bank card. Currently all customers can pay evening by check or by credit card

I would like that in the administrator part for a client X there are 3 choices; 1 all payment authorized by default, 2 payment only by check, 3 payments only by bank card.

When a good customer arrives, he can pay either by check or by bank card. Its 2 modes are displayed in the choice of payment for the order.

When I am dealing with a bad customer who opposes the bank card I can force him to pay only by check and only check payment appears in the means of payment when ordering

And when a customer writes unpaid checks, I can only oblige him to pay by credit card.

Of course, this option does not appear in the client's account. But only on the administrator side.

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