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I would like to cancel a Gift Card someone has ordered. He's got this as a present and can't get what he wants from me, so I'm going to refund him outside of Cubecart. If I cancel the original order in Cubecart, will it cancel the gift card so that it cannot be used in future?



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In admin, Promotional Codes, Gift Card tab, uncheck the Status of the relevant card code.

But I will check if doing so absolutely inhibits using that card.

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When a coupon (including a GC) is being used, a database request is made for that code where the status is enabled. If no records are returned, an error message is displayed that says this coupon (GC) code is invalid.

If valid, that is, the code is good and enabled, and the database record also has a 'cart_order_id' (the order where the GC was purchased), then a check in CubeCart_order_summary is made against that 'cart_order_id'. If that table record simply exists (as it would if its status was set to 'Cancelled' as opposed to the order having been deleted), then...

A check is made on the Status of that order. The order must be in a Processing or Completed status. If otherwise, an error message is displayed that says, "Sorry but that code can't be used against an order of this status." (Which is misleading.)

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Thanks for that.

I've cancelled the order (which should let the original purchaser know that it has been cancelled) and I've unchecked the status of the same Gift Card. I don't really like deleting orders when it's been cancelled - I prefer to have the record on file.

As you say, the code is a bit "clunky" but its probably not a very usual occurrence, so hardly a big issue.


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