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Nginx Rewriting


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Well, after spending two days trying to uncover why Nginx isn't rewriting the URLs, I have come to understand that Nginx (at least, the variation I installed) does not have the rewrite module included.

From dozens (dozens!) of articles on how to write rewrite directives, one would think one of them would have noted the need to have this module. One would think that Nginx would complain that it doesn't understand a directive it doesn't know how to execute.

In general, I hate Linux!

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Well, I got it working. I had to uninstall the version that got installed from the 'official' package repository, install the latest version from the Nginx site, and come to understand that, supposedly, the rewrite module is already part of the program.

Yet, rewriting still wasn't happening.

The process of rewriting URLs in Nginx is a bit different than how Apache (presumably) does it.

Correcting the syntax then got things working.

Now, I must have messed up some other thing as regards overall system operation. It seems I removed myself (User 0 and the only user) from all the groups, including the sudo group membership. I was given to believe that was impossible.

I hate Linux.

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