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Register with a short name


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Someone reported that they were unable to register, so I tried it myself. And I hit a problem. Admittedly, not the problem they were reporting, but...

The name I tried to register with is "Test Person" and CubeCart told me that Test is not a long enough name: my first name has to be  at least five characters. So I successfully registered as Test0 Name, then successfully changed my first name back to Test. 

Next I tried to find where this minimum is coming from. I'd not have set it: my own name only has four characters, and I know several people with three character first names,

But I failed to find a parameter in the settings. Where should I be looking?

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Please remind us what skin you are using.

In Foundation, there are a few places where the file 3.cubecart.validate.js will test for a too-short password entry (minimum of 6 characters).

So, your skin may have some javascript-powered form entry validation script.

Otherwise, the only place I can think of is in the /classes/user.class.php file, public function registerUser(), that might have a plugin or code snippet that uses one of the hooks available.

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