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1. For the default skin (and the other free skins for that matter) you need to make it clear that there are other shipping options available, if the customer would just click on the option to activate the drop-down menu (the other free skins at least have a "down" arrow to indicate other options are available). In fact, better display all options, and have radio buttons to select which shipping option is for you.

Why hide them?


2. How to calculate total shipping weight: Don't add up all the weights of multiple items. Encourage shop owners to give the UNPACKAGED weight per item and ALSO supply a calculation formula for TOTAL weight e.g.:


Total shipment weight (in grammes, kg, lb, or oz) = (Unpackaged weight + [ENTER BOX WEIGHT: 55 or whatever]) * [ENTER GENERAL FACTOR: 1.12 or whatever]

Example: Widget + Widget Ultra + Widget New Latest = 20 grammes + 30 grammes + 40 grammes

Total shipment weight would therefore be: (90 grammes + 55 grammes) * 1.12 = 162 grammes


CURRENTLY what l'm doing is: bumping up actual weights by, say, 1.16, to give packaged weight per item. Obviously l need to make the formula more complex to add the weight of a cardboard box that is irrespective of the item weight, but that's not CubeCart's problem. The problem is that at checkout, l'm just totalling already-boxed weights for the individual items and therefore giving a moderately higher estimate of total boxed weight for a multi-buy.


I'll admit it isn't a major issue either way as total weight will still likely be less than 1kg for my stock, plus l rarely get multi-buys anyway. It could be a problem for others?


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But the box weight will differ depending on the type, size and material. I get multibuy fairly regularly but I offer free shipping so I just lump it into the cost bracket internally, if you can cover the cost of postage for 1 item, there is usually economy of saving for multiple items rather than additional costs. The one time I can really think of this as being a major issue is heavy low profit items, like I have a item that's 500ml, so 5 of them is a parcel which costs me £6.00 to send, 4 of them is a packet which costs £2.50 to send. But that's super rare.

I agree it's a bit of an issue, certain the first part about hiding shipping options behind a drop box. If I ever get to that part of my design I'll have to have a think about how that should look, as it is that looks like it'll be done 2038, so  don't hold your breath.

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