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Unable to checkout

Robin Somes

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CC 6.2.5 / All in One Shipping 1.0.11 / Facebook 1.0.0 / PayPal 1.0.8 / Product Addons 1.0.12 / SagePay 1.0.6


A customer has reported that he's unable to checkout. He has added a (digital) item to his basket; he can see from the top-right corner of the page that there is an item in the basket, but he can't access the basket to begin the checkout process. Clicking on the basket has no effect.

I have reproduced the issue myself in two different browsers, Chrome and IE, latest versions. The only effect of clicking on the basket icon is to change the URL from https://www.piscesconservation.com/cube/ to https://www.piscesconservation.com/cube/#. The issue appears whether or not I am logged in as a customer.

I have cleared the site cache, and there are no recent entries in the Error Log.

We haven't changed anything about the site for months, with the exception of adding a 15% discount code for one item - the item our customer is trying to order.

I have tried ordering that item alone, in combination with other digital and physical products, and other products alone; each time the result is the same - clicking on the basket icon has no effect.

Now here's the odd part; the site works perfectly in MS Edge.

Since it's new behaviour, with no changes made on our part except the discount code, I'm inclined to think it's some hosting company issue; hopefully transient.

Anyone have any suggestions for further enquiries?



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