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I'm setting up a new store for a friend, currently when you go to checkout I get two options:

Secure Checkout

- or -

Checkout with Paypal.

How do I set this up so only Paypal is displayed as the checkout option?

And, do I need the Paypal plugin set to Sale or Authorisation?

And finally, which Paypal plugun? There appear to be at least three.

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It seems starting with CC629, a fresh installation will fetch and install two modules from the MarketPlace: the All-in-One Shipping module (enabled by default), and the PayPal Commerce plugin (not enabled).

(Based on looking at the PayPal Pro plugin code) I am assuming the PayPal Commerce plugin will disable the display of the checkout button if the module is doing the "Express Checkout" mode (if named as such). (I am not that familiar with anything to do with PayPal.)

(You will want Sale mode unless you know what is, and why you want, Authorization Only).

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