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best way to transfer and restore


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hi guys

in the middle to changing hosting provider to support newer php7, now i have some old versions/files from cc3, cc4, cc5 and the latets one i use cc6. My question is whats best way to backup and restore so I have a clean version of the latest cc6. Can i run backup of files and database from admin page and restore? or will I have to use ftp of baclup all and load etc? also when i try to backup from admin i keep getting error 500, possibily due to size?

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First question would be do you really need to keep all of the old files - waste of space and possible security risk having them in your live system.  CubeCart backup often times out especially on hosting accounts with low limits set but this can happen on many hosting environments if your account is relatively large.  The CubeCart backup would only copy files and / or database for that installation anyway.

If you are on cPanel, then a full cpmove backup file is the best way but many hosting companies prevent access to this unless you have root access

Your only solution maybe to use FTP and export / re-import the database manually


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If your intent is to merge all the database data from any/all of the previous installations/versions into one final CC6 database, please be aware this is very nearly impossible.

The 500 error is possibly due to running out of memory, but more like running out of time. The backup process tries to fetch a larger allotment of memory, and tries to have PHP run for a longer amount of time to run a script (before PHP decides something must be wrong, like an infinite loop).

However, there are other considerations: the web server needs to be configured to allow for the longest probable time PHP will need to run a script, and your workstation's web browser may need to have a setting changed before it says "Site is not responding."

(On my new Linux development machine, the Nginx web server needed such an adjustment when I was installing a fresh CC629.)

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That's where the error happened, but nothing says what the error was. To make a guess...

With regards to CubeCart_Coupons, it could be the case that the database is on an operating system where lettercase matters. That is, CubeCart_Coupons is not the same as CubeCart_coupons.

With regards to frrtunin_ccrt1, the user connecting to the database server may not have permission to create databases.

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ok ive got most of this working now but as i test the checkout process the payments gateway page comes up blank, there is no error reported in admin cp, any ideas? what are the files that this involves? modules\gateway ? anything else it uses as a reference? thanks

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Try this.


In the root of your store (maybe public_html), create the following file                          -            ini-custom.inc.php


and paste the below code


# Custom initialization commands
# Filename: ini-custom.inc.php
# File location: main CubeCart folder

ini_set('memory_limit', '256M');
ini_set('max_execution_time', '60');
ini_set('error_log', 'error_log');
ini_set('log_errors', 'on');



When you get the white screen, go back to the root of your store, and see if error_log was created.

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have just done that and still no errors, Im currently on 626 if i do a manual upgrade to 629 do you think it will fix this? maybe some files are missing, oh and im only a few miles away in bradford :)

i can see a order created in my admin CP but in payment gateway still blank page

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