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People are having problems subscribing to the newsletter. It seems some just can't get it to say they are subscribed when they have signed up.

Some are not receiving the confirm emails,and it isn't going intop their spam folders.

Can anyone offer any help with this?

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If by 'confirm emails', you are referring to the verification of "double-opt-in" confirmation, then I haven't traced out that code.

In admin, Store Settings, Extra tab, GDPR section, the setting "Marketing Double Opt-In" (MDOI) may be set.

Examine the database table CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber and CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber_log. In admin, Email Log, check to see if a MDOI email was sent out to the customer.

If MDOI is set, but the customer has not responded, then CubeCart will report that the customer is not subscribed. Verify by checking the database.

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