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Welcome MURRAY! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

How the change in product|category assignments happened, I cannot say. (In CC629 and many of the previous versions) The admin cannot delete a category if it has sub-categories or it has products assigned to it.

In admin, Products, Assign to Category tab, the admin can select the desired product checkboxes, then select the desired category checkbox(es), to make the assignment.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I (Admin) did something this morning in the category file and all the items (about 10000) were allocated a sub category, I do not know how it happened so would like to reverse the process. I can manually change every one , but 10000 items to do each one individually is going to take forever.

This was done as I am reorganizing my categories but it would seem as if I am in bigger trouble now.







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The admin can change the hierarchy of categories (move children to a new parent, etc), change names, etc, as this is all based on the category_id.

The products are assigned to the categories by "gluing" the product_id(s) to the category_id(s).

What do you mean by "category file" when you discuss what you were doing this morning?

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