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Gift Card or Promotion Code

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I want to be able to sell Gift Certificates that are redeemable against a specific item. I sell training courses as well as physical products and I want to create a Gift Certificate that could be bought for someone (eg as a present) and then redeemed for a training course on a given date to suit the recipient. Is this possible? I know I could ask the purchaser to buy a Gift Card for a specific amount, but this could then be used for goods as well as courses.

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I am not seeing the CubeCart core code having the ability to restrict a "same as cash" GC for or against a particular item(s). Such is the capability of a discount coupon, however.

But I think it should be easy enough to add that capability to a GC.

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I have made all the edits I have discerned are necessary. If you are willing to experiment, let me know.

I have one anomaly to sort out, and I think it is a problem with CubeCart, not something I missed.

When the customer finishes the transaction and gets bounced to a Thank you page containing a summary of the order, the discount line item, if a discount was applied, does not show. (It does show on the email to the customer and admin.)

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