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Cancelled orders/stock levels


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CubeCart will update stock levels as appropriate: Pending, Processing, Complete (as specified in Store Settings), automatic cancelling Pending orders (if enabled), or Declined, Failed, Cancelled.

Stock levels are adjusted as where used: as specified in the Option Matrix Table, or otherwise the item's main stock level.

I see a potential issue. For an order at Pending, if the store settings say to decrease stock when the order goes to Processing or Completed, yet is Declined, Failed, or Cancelled when the order is still at Pending, the stock level is increased without having first been decreased.

Edit: Oh, wait. I now see that a test is made to determine if the stock level has already been updated via a previous process. If so, for decreasing stock, no further decrease is performed. If not, for restoring stock, no increase is performed.

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Can I add to this:

I have a problem in where I've had customers placing goods in their basket, go to checkout, then decide to amend their basket by removing an item or items, then completing checkout and payment. The stock level does not reflect this and does not increase back up. My store is set to reduce stock levels when order is pending.

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