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Brian T

Can I limit characters in Customer's name?

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I can't seem to get any of the ReCaptcha facilities to work but I'm getting "people" regularly signing up  with very long customer names (Names such as "Earn £1000s of dollars from workign from home etc etc", and I wondered if I could limit the number of characters in the first name and surname to potentially prevent these people from signing up - I've no idea what they are trying to achieve, as I delete them as soon as I see them.


Thanks :)

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Yes, yes, and no.

The registration form is under javascript control via the Validator plugin. One can create a rule that limits the length of the entry.

CubeCart includes a security token when web pages with a form is sent out to the browser. When CubeCart receives that form, a check is made for a current token in the form data. If it's not there, the data sent in is immediately discarded.

A study of web access logs shows that a robot will first request the page, obtain the security token, then makes a customized POST with whatever data it wants - bypassing any form element data entry controls put in place.

So, CubeCart also has a few rules to test the data submitted against and will send back error banners if any test fails.

Therefore, yes, more Validator rules can be made - assuming posting robots ever allow these rules, or reCaptcha tests, to get in their way; yes, more rules can be written into CubeCart; no, because... well, its all a game.

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