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I am finding a special-purpose CKEditor plugin for HTML blocks of <code> and <pre> tags (demo page is 404):

And another (probably unpolished) plugin:

I haven't tested either.

Be aware, however, that the content in the editor will reflow when the browser window is resized. Meaning, if wanting to collaborate with others, a differemtly-sized browser window will not show the exact same content per line-numbered row (I'm assuming).

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Well now, first i did this     config.extraPlugins = 'showprotected,linenumbers';    and it worked except no line numbers in the editor i then figured maybe i left a space at the end of the line so i inserted a space before the semicolon     config.extraPlugins = 'showprotected,linenumbers' ;  and went back in and i got the same page as i shown in the previous message.   I went in and removed the space and it still gives me that page. I cleared the cache, tried IE, firefox and chrome and none will work.

I get error codes in the console but when i try to paste them in this message i get told i can't upload more than 153.6 KB



I was trying to attach an image that is 81KB but it still tells me i can't upload more than 153.6 KB


With the linenumbers removed i still get errors but the editor works.


So i put the linenumbers back in as you suggested and rebooted my puter and now the editor works but no line numbers.

Still errors though


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Yup, thank you sir, works but still no line numbers and i don't see an option for that either but the autogrow works.

After i edited the config.js i did have to restart my computer to make it work though.


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Been playing around with the CKeditor and added the autogrow feature and i notice that when i go to edit a product description when i open it up it doesn't display the description and also doesn't autogrow, then when i click on source it shows the HTML code then when i select source again the item description shows up and the window autogrows. Just wondering why it would not show in the first place.

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I experimented with these plugins last night. I observed the same as you.

I can only think that, because the autogrow plugin is very up-to-date, the problem must lie with the linenumbers plugin (circa 2011).

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Taking that out didn't make a difference but what i do notice is that when i select the Description tab the description shows up for a split second and the disappears and no autogrow.

Not sure what would cause that.

Then when i do a CTRL F5  i get this


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So i had 

    config.extraPlugins = 'showprotected,autogrow,magicline,tableresize';
/*    config.extraPlugins = 'showprotected,autogrow,enhancedimage,magicline,tableresize'; */

I tried it with different plugins and with the enhanced image deleted it works , it doesn't autogrow until i hit source and source again though and still no line numbers and i can't really find a concrete answer for that either.

I was looking at the autogrow/plugin.js  and at the top i get the following, i am not a programmer so i really don't know what it all means but i have a funny feeling it may have some effect.


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