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When adding a product and want to assign it to a category there are 2 choices Primary and Additional. What do both of those mean and why when i select a category and deselect the  Additional and hit save the Additional is checked again ?

Also when i have a category that contains more than 1 item the drop down box will let me select the product but it doesn't go to the product right away , it first goes to a page that also lists The item but also  Featured products, Best sellers ETC... Can i not make it so it goes to the product right away ?


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Every product has a Primary Category. The Primary category is what shows in the breadcrumb. When Shipping-by-Category is enabled, it will be this category that contributes to the choice of shipping charges.

Additional Categories can be assigned so that relevant or related products will show when the customer is cruising through interesting categories.

Cubecart keeps the category_id of the Primary category with the product database record. But there is also a "glue" table that allows for many products to be associated with many categories - a "many-to-many" relationship. Included in this glue table also happens to be the Primary category.

So, when viewing the Product in admin, Categories tab, the Primary column (if I recall) comes from the Product database record, and the Additional column comes from the glue table.

When a decision is being made whether to show or hide a product in a listing, CubeCart scans through all categories assigned to the product. If any one category is enabled, the product is shown.

"a category that contains more than 1 item the drop down box will let me select the product"

Where is this?

Featured Products, Best Sellers, etc, is part of all pages except the pages in the checkout sequence.

Latest versions of CubeCart will test if a search for a product produces just one result. If so, the customer is taken directly to that View Product page. This is not the case in any other situation that shows a similar list: View Category, or Sale Items pages. (There might be a plugin or code snippet that will enable this to happen.) A Category page might also contain important Description, images, or sub-categories. Thus, bouncing to the product page directly is determined by your specific needs - perhaps even on a per-category basis.

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