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Sales Mode Funny Stuff

Frank Auffret

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One of my customers sites is behaving oddly with the sales mode function. 

With all products set sale price = 0.00 (checked in database) some products show in the right-hand column 'Sale Items'

The menu bar link to 'Sale Items is not displayed!

If one product is given a sales price, the menu bar link to 'Sale Items' appears and only the one product is shown in the right-hand column 'Sale Items'

I found the customer had named some products with a preceding number and dot i.e "21.Product Name" Removing the number and dot removed these products from the right-hand sale items column. 

The products that currently show in the 'Faux' sale item column do not have dots in the title nor any other field like description etc. So I cant understand why these products are still displayed as a sale item.

As a work round I've disabled sales mode

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